Severnlea House, Church Farm, Church Farm, Northwick Road, Pilning, Bristol. BS35 4HE
01454 632309 or 07914 205626


Free Town Laureate HYF Photo in 2016 Journal, sired best heifer calf SWHA herds competition 2017

Cows for Sale

SV Blossom 4th - PD in calf

SV Charm 7th - Bull calf notified

SV Wilfull 9th - Heifer calf SV Wilfull 28

SV Wilfull 10th

SV Charm 9th - Bull calf SV Camus

SV Wilfull 12th - Bull calf SV Winston

SV Charm 11th - PD in calf

SV Emma 7th - Bull calf notified

SD 1 Queen Bee 4th - Bull Calf SD 1 Buck

SV Wilfull 14th - Bull calf SV Walcott

SV Carrie 10th

Grimsbury Aphea - Heifer calf SV Hazel 2

G Willfull Aphea - Heifer calf SV Wilfull 27

SV Ceres 20th - Bull calf SV Crusader

Stock for Sale SOLD Heifer For Sale (26/06/2017) SOLD Ian and Caroline Tucker (Park Corner Herefords, Somerset) FOR SALE - Park Corner Herd, Glastonbury, 1 heifer UK348551 700167 d.o.b. 24.4.16 sire Eldersfield 1 Bradley Wiggins K860(P) Please contact 01458 834841 or 07968 118 537 (pref evenings).

FOR SALE : Woodclose Herd, Somerset - Two young bulls : UK344935 700180 (D.O.B. 13/04/14) and UK344935 300183 (D.O.B. 09/09/14). Please contact Katherine Rolls 01747 841233.