It was a great pleasure to undertake the judging of the 15 herds entered into the event. From Wiltshire through to Cornwall it is clear that the Breed is thriving. The visits demonstrated the diversity of our Herefords and how they can fit into varied conditions and circumstances. It is evident that there is sound demand for quality product in the region and taking into account the enthusiasm of the Association's Members who opened their doors there are many great opportunities for the Breed to further expand and develop in this part of UK. My grateful thanks for all of the hospitality, particularly for such an encouraging and interesting show of cattle. All the very best for times ahead. Clive Davies


Small Herd Class (4 entries)

Best Bull Calf: Shield

1st Les Gould -Baybridge 1 Nimrod

2nd LJ & CA Solomon -Laniley Andy 748

3rd Kerslake and Prettejohn -Nicholashayne 1 Joker

Best Heifer Calf: Shield

1st CP & KL Wearne -Tremenheere Pansy 30

2nd Les Gould -Baybridge 1 Dawn 2nd

3rd LJ & CA Solomon -Laniley Padadox 750

Best Stock Bull: Gerald Dicker Cup

1st Les Gould -Bosa 1 Huntsman

2nd CP & KL Wearne -Nancient Gladiator

3rd Kerslake and Prettejohn -Nicholshayne 1 Kingkong

Best Herd: Charisford Cup

1st Les Gould -Baybridge

2nd LJ & CA Solomon -Lanileys

3rd Kerslake and Prettejohn -Nicholshayne

Medium Herds (7entries)

Best Bull Calf: Shield

1st RA & VA Mitchell -Lanscombe 1 Sovereign

2nd MJ Harris -Hilfield Ninety Nine

3rd A & D Robinson -Velleyhill 1 Toby

Best Heifer Calf: Shield

1st LR & AM Ayre -Frenchstone P1 Gene

2nd Isobel Jennings -Cornbel 1 Nectarine

3rd Mr & Mrs Alan Miller -Alanna Curly 7th

Best Stock Bull:

1st MJ Harris -Church Preen JJ

2nd LR & AM Ayre -Moeskaer Magnum 1404

3rd DeJager and Wilson -Broadoak Slow 1 Johannes

Best Herd: Andy Robinson Cup

1st MJ Harris -Hilfield

2nd LR & AM Ayre -Frenchstone

3rd DeJager and Wilson -Broad Oak Slow

Large Herds (4 entries)

Best Bull Calf: Shield

1st Hawke -Hustyn Smuggler

2nd Mr & Mrs JR Pike & son -Bromham 1 Nocturnal

3rd PR & CA Caunter -Hollystone 1 Delboy 425

Best Heifer Calf: Shield

1st PR & CA Caunter -Hollystone 1 Princess 411

2nd Hawke -Nanscient Gaylass 84th

3rd J and R Moorhouse -Cato 1 Iona 567

Best Herd Sire:

1st Hawke Family -Phocle Generator 2nd

2nd Mr & Mrs JR Pike & son -Rempstone 1 Diesel 9514

3rd PR & CA Caunter -Holystone 1 Bo Jupiter

Best Herd: Butcombe Cup

1st J and R Moorhouse -Cato

2nd Hawke Family -Hustyn, Breock & Nanscient

3rd PR & CA Caunter -Hollystone

Mr & Mrs JR Pike & son -Bromham


Best Herd Sire:

MJ Harris Church Preen JJ

Best Young Stockperson: Ruphpa Tray

Elisabeth Pierce

Best Newcomer / Novice Herd: David Barker Shield

CP & KL Wearne -Tremenheere Herd

Best Herd:

J and R Moorhouse -Cato Herd


Caldicutt Cup - most points at SW shows Home bred

Lanscombe Herd 

Barclays Cup - Most points at SW Shows, opposite sex to winner

Cornbel Herd